Compassionate Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable, and workplace relationships are not immune. When handled with creativity, compassion, and confidence conflict can serve as a catalyst for positive change.

As a leader, you can bring compassion and wisdom to the conflicts in your organization.

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Happy Company

It is possible to design your work environment so that employees are happy to come to work and do there best work every day! Learn the art and science of Compassionate Conflict Resolution.

Conflict Communication

When you communicate poorly during conflict, you create a new set of problems. Shrinking from conflict conversations is also not the answer. The skills needed to face and resolve conflict can be learned. 

Understanding Differences

Everyone has blind spots. During conflict, people often fail to understand how differences can strengthen their work relationships. The good news is we can predict where these blind spots will be during conflict.

This is For Leaders Who...

Want to Lead a High Performance Organization

Know Their “People Skills” Need Improvement

Have Employee Drama, Conflict, or Chaos


Does This Sound Like You?

You know that your employees are gossiping and backbiting, and it is hard to know who to trust.

You see your top talent walking out the door because of conflict with coworkers.

You spend time dealing with “drama” instead of working on projects that will help your business grow.

Conflict Is inevitable

Workplace relationships are not immune to conflict. Being a leader isn’t easy. Employee drama and performance issues can be exhausting. Learn cutting edge conflict-resolution science and leadership tools to keep you ahead of the conflict curve.

Compassionate Conflict Resolution

Good News: when you master destructive conflict as a leader, the good stuff like profit and engagement increase. People love coming to work again!

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